Our gorgeous Exotic King:

​ Pearl's Jubilee                                    ( Jubilee)                                                           

Exotics, also known as the "lazy man's Persian" has the look of a Persian but Exotic Shorthairs require less grooming due to their short dense coats.  Exotic Longhairs will require daily grooming.  Exotics have the same sweet loving personalities as Persians.  

Indie's Hollywood                             ( Holly)


Our beautiful Persian Queens:


Our Queens in Waiting

Kosame Storms are Brewing   (KoKo)

Sir Hugo

​For the Love of Mable Brook (Mable)


Persians are the most popular breed in the world due to their sweet personalities, gentle, calm natures and playful personalities.  Persians are loyal to their families and enjoy being involved in their families daily activities. Persians do very well in multi-pet households and single-pet households. As Persians are typically not confrontational, they will not defend themselves if there is an aggressive pet in the household.   Persians require regular grooming to keep their beautiful coats mat free.  Extreme faced Persians may require daily wiping of their eyes to keep their fur stain free.  

Let Anja Rose Reign                 (Anja)

CFA Registered Persians and Exotics​

 Captain Jack's Diamond Destiny       ( Jackie)

Precious Purrls Persians & Exotics

 Queen Mari